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Public Services

There are many careers and opportunities for talented people with a desire to help make society a better place.  Transform Society runs a wide range of graduate programmes for people interested in leadership careers in mental health, education, prisons, local government and social care which you find out about here:

Scroll down to learn more about opportunities with the Armed Forces, the Civil Service, Local Government or the Police.

Civil Service & Local Government

The Civil Service provides services directly to people all over the country, including:

  • paying benefits and pensions

  • running employment services

  • running prisons

  • issuing driving licences

There are also jobs working on policy development and implementation, including analysts, project managers, lawyers and economists. - find out about the various routes into the Civil Service, including the Fast Track scheme

If you want to help solve problems such as homelessness, the care of vulnerable young people, environmental issues or the regeneration of areas of crime and poverty, there are also opportunities to work within local government.  Read more about the 2-year graduate programme here:


Every police force runs a Volunteer Police Cadet scheme, giving young people aged 11-18 the chance to learn more about policing and support their local community.  Find out more here: - for information about working for the Prison Service – Forensic Science Society - 2 year programme for graduates interested in becoming leaders in the sector - 2 year graduate programme for anyone interested in prison reform

Armed Forces

The armed forces each provide excellent careers services, with the opportunity to meet people who have enjoyed careers in each service and who can provide guidance about opportunities that may be suitable for you to consider.  Each region of the UK has dedicated personnel available to answer your questions.  If you are thinking of a career in the Armed Forces, make contact with your local recruitment representative who can discuss the opportunities in more detail.

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