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What shall I do first?

There are so many careers to choose from!  And plenty of time to try out more than one!  Perhaps it makes the decision easier if you ask yourself what would I like to do first.


Start by thinking about yourself, what makes you happy and what you are good at.  Research the options, speak to people who do the jobs that interest you, try and get work experience.  The more you speak to people in the world of work, the more you will find out about careers that might suit you. 


General Careers websites to get you started: - lots of great videos and commentary about different jobs - sign up for alerts related to areas that interest you and you'll get frequent reminders by email -  another great site for information and alerts - for general careers information - offers a free online test to help you choose a career  - the government's careers information service

These sites link organisations with school pupils and let you join in with free online webinars delivered by people in different jobs.  Sign up for events that interest you:

This app is highly recommended if you are interested in applying for work experience, apprenticeships and other opportunities with large firms:  Young Professionals App

Use the links below to find out more about careers in different areas.

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