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Legal & Political

If you're interested in how our society works, how people interact and how we manage the political, legal and economic institutions that form part of it, then a political or legal career could be for you.  Find out about the many routes to becoming a Solicitor, Barrister, Patent Attorney, Paralegal, Civil Servant or Politician on the websites below.

Law - the Law Society regulates and represents solicitors in England and Wales. You can find information on a range of career paths in law, as well as becoming a solicitor - news and information about law - general information and details of routes into the legal profession, plus current job and training position listings -this is the governing body for Scottish solicitors and is a very user friendly site - the Bar Standards Board is the regulatory and representative body for barristers in England and Wales. You can find

out about the different stages involved in training to become a barrister on this website, including separate sections about law degrees, the bar vocational course and pupillages -this is the website of the Scottish bar -this site is published in association with the Law Society’s Trainee Solicitors’ Group. Look at First Steps into Law for

an overview of the profession and how to qualify as a lawyer - this website, sponsored by the University of Law, is for those who are thinking about becoming a lawyer. You can post comments and ask questions to the University of Law Community. There are also blogs and news articles - Counsel is the monthly journal of the Bar of England and Wales - the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives is the third branch of the legal profession alongside solicitors and barristers in England and Wales - the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys site has information about a career as a Patent Lawyer - the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys site has information about careers in Trade Mark law

Politics - an enormous website with information on all aspects of government - lots of information about what happens in parliament, including transcripts of debates, videos and current news - the website for high flyers who want to solve society's big issues!  Information on internships, apprenticeships and the Fast Stream route to leadership across areas including Finance, Diplomacy, Health, Science and Technology

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