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Summer Schools

A number of universities run summer programmes giving you an insight into the courses you can study for a degree.  Many of these courses are subsidised by charitable organisations or have specific criteria you have to meet in order to apply.  There are also commercial companies offering experiences at some of the most globally renowned universities, but these can be significantly more expensive.  If you want to find out more about university life it's worth looking around to find the best value option for you.  Here are some good places to start your search: - subsidised online and in person STEM courses at UK universities, for students in years 8-13 - range of STEM opportunities for secondary school students

The Sutton Trust organise summer schools with strict entry criteria including state-school only applications.

Courses offered direct by universities and open to everyone to apply:

Kings College London -

University of East Anglia -

Southampton University -

University of Liverpool -

Royal Holloway -

Some universities aim their taster schools to year 11 students such as:

Loughborough University - Engineering Taster Course

Other organisations offering a wide range of opportunities:

Nottingham High School does not endorse these summer school opportunities.  They can be very expensive and sometimes offer scholarships to part-discount the places as a marketing tool to promote the courses and to attract students to join. 

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