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VWex and Online Courses

Virtual Work Experience (VWEx) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a fantastic way of learning more for free.  Many courses are offered by prestigious universities and organisations from around the world and cover school subjects as well as many more that you can't take in school.  If you want to study a new subject at university, try a MOOC to find out if the subject is what you expect.  If you need further skills in a particular area to improve you chances of getting into a particular profession, then a MOOC could be the answer.

During the pandemic there has been a huge increase in online offerings, with some excellent opportunities targeted at school students. offer a wide range of longer courses in the school holidays, but are also a portal for shorter courses provided by companies and organisations.  Create an account (use your school email address) and make a start.

Download the Young Professionals app for the latest online opportunities from a wide range of organisations and industries wanting to tell you about their amazing apprenticeship and graduate schemes. offers a wide selection of courses from different organisations; mostly aimed at undergraduates, but you can create an account as a 'high school student' to gain access.

There is a list of excellent MOOCs below. 

Search for more free online courses at: - over 1900 courses from edX - over 1000 free courses offered by the Open University covering a wide variety of topics - wide range of courses from different providers - another large scale provider of courses - many useful resources about journalism, media, production

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