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There are lots of competitions out there, some with a really wide choice of categories to enter and others very specific to year groups or subjects.  These first ones are national or international competitions; scroll down for ones run by universities and summer schools.  Check out the Awards page for even more ideas!

STEM Competitions (British International Education Association STEM Competition) (International Youth Math Challenge) (problem solving competition) (a science-debate competition) (essay competition) (for aspiring medics) (Royal Geographical Society competition; fixed number of entries per school so you'll need your teachers to get involved) (for students in years 7-11 working in teams; Jan - March) (computing challenge; held in November) (Oxford University Computing Challenge; Feb-Mar - open to top scorers from the Bebras competition above)

Girls only: (you have 3 mins to get your message across!  1 Jan deadline)

Organisations including National Grid, BP, Shell often run competitions for schools; you'll need to search on their company websites for current opportunities.

There are also Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Informatics Olympiads which you enter via school.

CREATIVE Competitions (fine art) (photography) (poetry) (poetry) (monthly creative writing competition) (Game Design competition) (Presenter competition) (BBC Young Writers’ Award with Cambridge University invites young people in the UK aged between 14 -18 years to submit short stories of up to 1,000 words) (national competition, submissions due in June each year)

BUSINESS Competitions (Royal Economic Society Essay competition; July deadline) (Institute of Economic Affairs essay competition, Dec deadline) - (start with £10 and make a profitable business in 4 weeks) - (run a business for a year under the guidance of a volunteer)

OTHER Competitions (essay competition from the Queen's Commonwealth Society) (Debating competition; must apply through your school) (including categories such as Peacemaker, Chef, Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Writer, Environmentalist)

These academic institutions run essay competitions for interested students; check their websites for entry details and entry deadlines, which are typically Jan - April.  The university competitions are mainly aimed at 6th form students.

Oxford Colleges and Departments: (History and Classics competitions) (sixth form only) (French, German, Spanish competitions, all age groups) (sixth form only) (competitions run by the Classics department at Oxford) 

Cambridge Colleges and Departments: (competitions for 6th form students in a range of subjects including architecture, land economy, medieval world, ancient world and classics, history) (6th form competitions in English Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, History, Law and Politics) (for year 12 students; closes April; cash prize)

A number of commercial summer schools and organisations run competitions; check their websites for essay requirements and entry deadlines, which are typically  March - June.

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