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STEM Careers

There are a huge number of jobs open to people interested in any scientific or technical discipline.  Good websites to research your options are listed below under Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computing.  You may also like to consider one of the many excellent STEM courses offered by organisations such as the Smallpeice Trust, Headstart, or the National Centre for Cyber Security. Have a look at the Work Experience and Gap Years pages for more ideas as well.

General STEM websites: -  this site has a wide range of resources and information about work experience etc as well - a digital toolkit for students and teachers

If you want to stand out in STEM, then why not take part in a national competition such as the Big Bang or Teen Tech Awards.  You could also do an independent CREST Award project - the Gold level, aimed at 6th form students, involves 70+ hours' of work on a STEM topic of your choice and encourages you to start networking with people working in the field that interests you.


Engineering is a broad term covering jobs designing and manufacturing technical products from vehicles to robots, buildings and factories; keeping systems in working order and harnessing energy to keep modern society functioning. – one of the best sites for finding out about the varied careers in Engineering, with information about the many routes to becoming an engineer is a great resource for anyone aiming to study at a top university and includes problems and games to try that give you an idea of the problem solving skills you will need to succeed – find out about working as a Chemical Engineer - there is a student section on this site with CV advice and a wide range of other resources – for advice about Women in Engineering, including courses of interest – the Royal Aeronautical Society – the Institute of the Motor Industry – the Institute of Mechanical Engineers – the Institute for Engineering and Technology – the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council – the Institution of Agricultural Engineers -the National Skills Academy for Nuclear – the Nuclear Institute – the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology

Physics – the Institute of Physics– the Institute of Acoustics – the Royal Astronomical Society


The Royal Society of Chemistry has a great careers site including videos from people doing interesting jobs in Chemistry and ideas for work experience.  Go to – the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Society - for careers information from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society – British Pharmacological Society – the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining – Forensic Science Society - for insight into careers in scientific research – find out about working as a Chemical Engineer

Biology – the Biochemical Society – the Society for the study of Animal Behaviour – the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council – the Botanical Society of the British Isles – the Genetics Society – the Institute of Biomedical Science – the Marine Biological Association – the Marine Conservation Society – Society for General Microbiology

Mathematics - an excellent resource for general information – the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications – the Office for National Statistics – for information about careers that involve using maths and modelling to inform complex decisions – the Royal Statistical Society

Computer Science – the Chartered Society of Designers – the Institution of Analysts and Programmers also has some useful information.

For anyone interested in finding out more about Computer Science at university, Harvard's free online course CS50, provides an excellent introduction.  The course assumes you have not studied Computer Science before and will give you a good insight into the self-motivation needed to excel at this subject at university.

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