Social & Environmental

Social Work

It's difficult to find work experience in this sector until you are 18 years old.  Volunteering or working with people of varying ages can give you some idea of the skills you will need. 


The Open University offers a free online course called Introduction to Social Work which might be of interest.  You can sign up for free at - lots of useful information about careers in all areas of care - British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy has a good careers section on its website - the British Association of Social Workers has information on the profession in its resources section - the Economic and Social Research Council website has information about careers in social sciences - the blog is full of useful information about counselling

Environmental Work – the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmenal Management – the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management - includes volunteering opportunities across the UK – Natural Environment Research Council - Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – British Occupational Hygiene Society